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Sula Space是我们与您分享我们的奇思异想和有趣的信息的地方。我们也会定期更新和发布关于网站和课程的消息。

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Sula Space是我们与您分享我们的奇思异想和有趣的信息的地方。我们也会定期更新和发布关于网站和课程的消息。


Brazilian Portuguese courses are online now.

Fantastic news: we have uploaded Brazilian PORTUGUESE to! Great timing for those people who plan to head south for the 2014 FIFA World Cup or are seriously thinking of flying to Rio for the 2016 Olympics. It’s never too early to start learning the language of this wonderful country – and there is no more fun and efficient way to do it than with Sulantra!

Learn British English online at

Some great news to start the year – we have just uploaded our British English courses! Recorded in London, the language is spoken at natural speed with a range of standard accents to help you get used to the way the locals talk. This material will definitely help you brush up on your listening and speaking skills. Get ready to communicate the British way with a little help from Sulantra!

Happy Year of the Snake From Sulantra!

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Welcome to Sula Space, the place where we share our latest ideas, updated information and crazy thoughts about everything related to language learning and travel – or anything we find entertaining that we think you’ll enjoy, too! 

We get input from Sula people around the world, hopefully including YOU. Feel free to contact us with your comments, including lively links for and about an international audience. Enjoy!