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Sula Space是我们与您分享我们的奇思异想和有趣的信息的地方。我们也会定期更新和发布关于网站和课程的消息。

A new journey in life

This short video shows how just a little language opens doors to a new world of life experiences. A group of tourists study Sulantra's Khmer course then head to Southeast Asia to test their communication skills as they shop, ask for directions, order in restaurants and more in Cambodia! They survive on the streets of Siem Reap then challenge themselves by heading into the countryside where they teach kids origami and learn how to cook some local dishes. For this group, travel will never be the same. A little language definitely goes a long way!

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The Travel Experience Part 1

What happens at a Sulantra year-end party? Apart from enjoying TONS of food, we usually talk travel, including favorite places and where everyone wants to go to next. Check out the multilingual merriment in this off the cuff video. Don't forget to turn on your YouTube sub-titles. (Warning:Consider wearing sunglasses to protect your eyes from the background bling!)

Learn British English online at

Some great news to start the year – we have just uploaded our British English courses! Recorded in London, the language is spoken at natural speed with a range of standard accents to help you get used to the way the locals talk. This material will definitely help you brush up on your listening and speaking skills. Get ready to communicate the British way with a little help from Sulantra!

Happy Year of the Snake From Sulantra!

Breakfast Hell: Ordering Eggs in English

Sunny side up? Easy over? If you have trouble deciding, just imagine how bad it is for a foreign tourist. Hear it from the horse's mouth - Italian and Chinese! How do you want YOUR eggs?

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